Great table games for family Christmas Eve

Besides having a nice Christmas meal, you should also arrange Christmas table games and events in order to have a fun time with your family. You have plenty of time to prepare for the food as everybody plays fun games.

Some of the great table games for family Christmas Eve are as follows:

Guessing the dinner menu

To make it more exciting, everybody (except those who work in the kitchen) will participate in this fun activity. Let them guess about the dinner menu, with every person smelling with blindfolded eyes on food. The first person to make a proper guess will take a sample bite.

Play Board Games

Take a board game and set it on the floor for children like Snake and Ladders and Candyland. Let the adult men play this game (parents and even grandfathers can participate). It is definitely a wonderful opportunity for adults to play a game for children. Card games or monopoly can also be a perfect option for a match between kids and dads!

Tablecloth decoration

Are the children tired of waiting for food? You may ask them to decorate a cheap but presentable tablecloth with permanent markers. With this, the children can show their art while having family Christmas entertaining.

External games

play board games

A fun game called Toss the hat is perfect for everyone. Take a Santa hat and put it from a distance. Let the participants cast colorful candies and other objects into the hat. A Santa hat relay game is also appropriate for the theme of the holiday.

Great and bad gifts

The worst and best gifts everybody had last Christmas are exchanged by another immersive table game. Make sure the one who gave you the worst gift is not around you as your story unfolds! This can be an ideal activity before you give everyone dessert.

This Christmas you can have a lot of fun events and games to prevent boredom for your guests and family. You should add your own ideas for the game and make this day unforgettable.