Mixing hair colors: Valid tips to mix two hair colors for your beauty coloring

Hair coloring has always been a professional idea for everyone who wants to experience it. As it relates to the appearance of a person no one is willing to a chance to ruin the hair and get them embarrassed.

We surf on the internet or look at people on the streets and wonder to have a color as they do but no time for a salon. Now to mix two different hair dye colors proportionally and coloring them perfectly is in our hands especially after the lockdown. But how do we it isn’t it a stylist’s work and a newbie might lose at it so here are some tips rely on while self-coloring light brown hair color.

Why mix colors

The colors we want to color might be of different shades and to have the required color of our idea we have to mix them proportionally like a formula. Choosing two shades of a color or other and mixing them developer is a way to hair color in simple words. Mixing colors can help us differentiate the lighter or darker shades of hair color and the vibrance they add to our look.

The main task in mixing hair color shades is to choose the right colors to blend as every color has a different feel. Knowing few tips to mix color will be helpful as once we get used to it, we experiment our interest in coloring as we wish.

Coloring tips

In the process of mixing two colors the first is to choose the primary color mostly the dark base of your choice. Then the secondary color in the styling relies on which way we have to color our hair strands and dye to add a look. While you mix two shades of hair color keep in mind that adding dark shade to darken color and light shade for a lighter color. If the look is supposed to subdue mixing natural color is better.

How to mix them

Naturally, the ¾ of prime color and ¼ of secondary color are mixed along with volume developer to give a differential look for hair. But if you want the colors to be evenly spread and to be visible add both colors in equal quantities with volume developer for a smooth balance in colors.

The main idea is to keep the shades to be a warm color for warm and cool color for color while choosing primary and secondary colors.