What are the steps to treat dry hair?

The dry hair issue has been of concern for several days now. Hair gets dry when it is deficient with humidity and natural oils secreted from hair follicles by the oil glands. These shortcomings cause hair to lose its natural luster and even texture. The dry hair is often coarse in texture, rough, broken ends, cold and very fragile. Sometimes this leads to hair loss. Dry hair looks like straw unwashed; it is smoother in the direction of the scalp, but has tape ends. It is really hard to walk through dry hair, since there can be many tangles. Combining dry hair also results in hair loss.

Basic steps to treat dry hair

Hot oil massaging scalp and hair can be a perfect cure for dry hair. Massage increases root blood supply and activates oil glands. Hot oil can easily enter pores and nourish the hair. One can take half a cup of cocoa oil, add four crushed almonds and steam the combination.

dry hair treatment

The warms should be massaged on the hair and scalp, a towel should be wrapped around the head and the oil should be held on the hair for 30 minutes, then the hair should be shampooed. This is an efficient dry hair remedy. Even heated olive oil can be used for this purpose. You may also use herbal hair oil for massage. It heals the problem of dry hair as well as dandruff and baldness.

A smooth paste can be created by masking 2 mature bananas and adding half a cup of curd beaten. This paste is to be spread from root to tip along the length of the hair. The hair can then be packed and held for approximately 15 minutes. After this, shampooing is to be finished. This treatment will make your hair smooth.

hair loss

In a cup of milk or yoghurt, squeeze in a cup of egg, add a teaspoon of coconut oil or oil to the mixture, and apply to the hair. Then you wrap a wet, moist towel around your head and hold your hair drunk in the mixture for an hour. It is to be applied after this shampoo. This is an efficient dry hair treatment.

A cup of mayonnaise may be heated until it is sticky, then liquid mayonnaise is coated and held on the hair for 15 minutes and washed off. This will check that the hair gets dry.