What Watch Is Suitable for a Certain Type of People

A watch is the only accessory that everyone should have. It’s difficult to select them due to a large number of options, but it is simple at the same time if you know your style and what you want. How to choose the most suitable one according to your style and which ones are relevant this season – read in our material.


When choosing a watch, remember several rules for matching with your lifestyle. You are probably wearing a certain style of clothing – business, casual, smart casual, sport or official. All styles are nice, but the watch must be chosen accordingly. Choose the sport type for the gym, and do not wear a business watch with t-shirts and shorts.


Fashion experts say that the watch strap should be combined with the color of the shoes. If all your shoes are in one color – so you are lucky. If not, choose a universal option: a simple, black or white dial, leather or steel strap of a restrained color. For leather, it is black or dark brown, for metal – silver. Beware of gold shades: if the status allows you to wear a gold watch – go ahead, but in other cases, it may look vulgar.


If you have only one watch, you can modify them depending on the season. In cold weather, wear their “native” leather or metal strap, and in the spring-summer, replace it with a lighter fabric. You can even have several ones or buy a watch with a set of interchangeable straps – one investment, several options. This solution is perfect for smart-casual style.

Conceptual models

The main idea of such watches is design. They attract attention, complement the fashionable wardrobe and show the creative thinking of the owner. Such models are often created in collaboration with industrial designers and artists. All these watches are united by certain functionality, where the authors use them as a way of understanding the concept of time.

Retro models

Retro is now fashionable not only in watches but in fashion and design as well. From time to time, manufacturers produce models according to archival drawings of their houses, but mostly the brands from the luxury segment do it. Watches were usually considered a family value: your dad or grandfather probably has their first watches from a young age.

So, when choosing a watch in accordance with your lifestyle – consider the following:

  • Rolex or Patek Philippe will contribute to the image of a businessman or SEO;
  • G-Shocks will perfectly suit to tourists, sportsmen, and extremals;
  • Certina or Casio will be a good choice for everyday usage;
  • Royal London or Obaku will finish the stylish look of fashionista.

What brand do you think is the most reliable? What is the best value-to-quality choice for everyday usage? Share your suggestions, ideas, and follow-ups in comments.

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