Making an Aromatic Drink in the Office

A successful developing company must have the equipment for making an aromatic drink. An office coffee machine is part of the brand. No wonder there are two separate classes of coffee machines on the market: home and office one. In offices, people drink much more coffee, the installation location is not always in the kitchen, and the attitude to technology is less responsible. Employees don’t want to delve into all the device servicing intricacies; they just want their coffee, preferably at the touch of a button.

Office Coffee Machine Requirements 

At home, gourmets grind coffee beans and make a drink in a cezve. People hurrying to work just buy ground coffee and put it in a coffee maker. Taste and aroma are present to a lesser extent, a drink poured into a cold cup cools quickly, but it invigorates, makes it possible for you to quickly wake up, as well as you can drink cold coffee faster.

Unlike home cooking, the coffee machine does everything at the gourmet level. To provide a branch or department with fresh and aromatic coffee, it is recommended to use a capsule machine. It’s worth listing the main characteristics of this type of coffee machines:

  • Performance. You need to calculate how many coffee servings are drunk in the office per day and buy the device based on these data. For a small staff, models with 30-50 cups productivity are usually suitable.
  • Easy operation is explained simply: you just need to insert the capsule into the coffee machine and press the button. When it comes to caring for the machine, all containers (for water, milk, etc.) can be easily washed using no special cleaners (they are recommended to be used once a month). In fact, it is just perfect for busy working people.
  • Reliability is one of the key parameters because the office coffee machine works intensively and there are no people nearby who are capable of setting it up or repairing it if needed.
  • Great functionality. Office workers should be able to choose one of several drinks and make it with the click of a button.

Important functions for an office coffee machine:

  • Built-in memory for saving brewing algorithms for your favorite drinks.
  • Display with cooking tips for easy operation.
  • Grain grinding adjustment: fine – for a rich taste, coarse – for making a strong drink.
  • Cappuccino machine to expand the coffee menu.
  • The possibility of using ground coffee.

In the matter of choosing a coffee machine for the boss, there should be slightly different criteria, however, it’s still worth giving preference to capsule device. The workplace has to always be clean, so other machines using grain or ground coffee may not work. Elite DeLonghi or Caffitaly capsule coffee machines make it possible for you to quickly brew delicious coffee, set and save drink parameters.

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