How to Serve the Dish in the Right Way

Once, French great chef Bernardo Loisier invented the famous axiom: “The taste and appearance of food are equally enjoyable”. How right he was!

Proper serving leaves a pleasant impression of service, and it’s beautiful design empowers the appetite. The culture of serving is both science and art, based on the historically established canons and etiquette. The table items should be in harmony with the format of the event, correspond to the menu, be selected according to the shape of the table. That is why any good restaurant pays attention to the serving culture.

Table setting

The surface of the table is often called the scene on which the main action takes place – the presentation of dishes and drinks. The first impressions are visual, and the first thing a guest notices is how the table is set and served. In general, table setting should be a finished and attractive picture, where each element takes its place: dishes, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, and table accessories.


There are no special, well-established rules for choosing the type of porcelain, and it would be difficult to develop them. When choosing plates, it is vital to consider how certain dishes will look at it in standard portions. If the plate is too small, it is difficult to arrange food on it beautifully. On the other hand, if the plate is very big, the normal portion visually seems too small, so the value of the dish decreases. In principle, any combination of the portion of the dish and the size of the plate creates a certain impression of value – either increasing it or decreasing it.


There are a lot of things to consider when serving a dish. We will mention the ones, able to impress your guests pleasantly:

  1. Heating plates before serving allows food to stay hot for longer. This technique is especially useful if you serve a hot dish immediately in portioned dishes.
  2. The correct arrangement of cutlery will not allow the guest to get confused when using them. A table knife, a fish knife, a soup spoon are located on the right side of the plate. On the left are the table fork, fish fork, oyster or melon fork, if required. Dessert items are placed between the plate and the glasses.
  3. The location of the glasses on the table should be set in the order in which they will be used, starting from the right.
  4. There is a certain sequence of serving drinks, snacks, dishes. At first, mineral and fruit water, bread, snacks, and wines are put on the table, and then hot dishes are served. Alcoholic drinks are served only with appetizers.

What are your family traditions of setting a table? Share your stories with us in comments.

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