How to give hair more volume with a flat iron?

The first thing to do before adding heat to your hair is to conserve your heat. Spray it into hair; Target the spray on the inside of the hair. Comb and comb hair to disperse all the protective heat.

How to give hair more volume with a flat iron.

heat protection factorMake sure your hair has a heat protection factor that not only protects the health of your hair, but also helps to give it volume. Failure to apply heat protection will damage your hair.

It will be very dry and brittle; It will be a little more difficult to make life complete. Take care of your hair and protect it from heat shield.

Turn the iron. Now pull a middle section up and cut it as well. Now we are left with the lower part of the hair. Take iron and take part of hair. Secure the iron as close to the hair as possible.

Bring it back about 3 inches straight and bring the rest of the hair back into shape. Go to another segment and do the same. Do not let the hair fall out for about 3 seconds. If we want a more dramatic effect, repeat the same process in the same section. When the bottom is complete, we move to the second layer and repeat the process. After the second layer is completed, proceed to the last layer of hair.

Keep the hair in the desired place and proceed to straighten the hair. In Type C it allows you to get volume instead of hair in the roots.

As we are done with the iron, take a voluntary mousse in one hand, just rub both hands together, and just play the roots with your hair. Shoot him Shoot him Use any hair spray and distribute it on the hair with iron to complete the hair volume creation process.

You want to work with straightener after your treatment as well as your dry hair. Take it one at a time and slowly tease it again, if a bit wavy.

It should make your hair look straight but voluntary. If you want more length, go through your hair with a palette brush, then go through your hair again, then tilt the brush even more to begin with.